Delicious, ethical chocolate - without the sugar

Tastes good. Feels good. Does good.


At Sully's, we handcraft chocolate from the bean to the bar.

Making chocolate from scratch allows us to perfect the quality, avoid using sugar and other unnecessary ingredients, and practice ethical sourcing.

Enjoy guilt-free as you can now snack on keto-friendly chocolate that has no sugar added but actually tastes good!


Experience the rich, creamy, and sophisticated flavours of chocolate made with premium cocoa. We find the perfect balance of each ingredient and transform cocoa beans into chocolate bars.


Avoid the negative impact of added sugars (weight gain, heart issues, skin problems) and be happy with what goes in your body. Along with sugar, we also got rid of artificial flavours, preservatives, gluten, lecithin, and palm oils.


Embrace our values of sourcing cocoa ethically and sustainably while paying above 'Fair Trade' prices to farmers. Help do your part in battling the cocoa industry's slave labour, child labour, and environmental degradation.

How do we stack up against other chocolate?