Our Process

Chocolate making is a long, complex process which takes the seeds of the cacao pod fruit and converts into a delicious treat. Each step can have a dramatic impact on the final taste which is why we made 50+ test batches before arriving at a product that’s ready for you.

One of the most important aspects of making great chocolate is sourcing great quality cocoa beans. We pay a large price premium to source high-quality cocoa from farms following ethical and sustainable growing practices. Each of our bars uses beans from a single country of origin to highlight the unique flavours of cocoa.

Grow & Harvest

Cacao pods (considered fruit) are grown on trees in hot, rainy tropical areas within 20° of the Equator. Once pods are ripe, they are harvested by hand to avoid damaging the tree.


Cacao pods are split open to reveal a fibrous, white pulp surrounding the seeds (which we call cocoa beans). The beans are fermented for up to 8 days to develop flavour and aroma.


Cocoa beans have high moisture content after fermentation so they need to be dried for about a week. Once the moisture content reaches 6-7%, they are bagged and shipped to chocolate makers.


Once Sully’s receives the cocoa beans, we sift through them by hand to pick out any leftover rocks, twigs, or debris. The beans are now ready to begin their transformation to chocolate.


Time, temperature, and technique are critical to developing the correct flavour profile during the roast. Roasting is both an art and a science and each origin of beans needs a custom approach.

Crack & Winnow

The roasted beans are passed through a cracking machine to split the outer shell from the inside nib. The cracking also breaks the nib into small pieces which speeds up the refining process.

Refine & Conche

Cocoa nibs. along with other ingredients. are tossed into a melanger which runs for over 24 hours. The ingredients are mixed, heated, and crushed into smooth, liquid chocolate.

Temper & Mold

To make chocolate have the shine and snap we all love, it needs to be tempered - heated and cooled to develop the right crystal structure. It’s then ready to pour into molds and let set.


The last step is to take the molded bars, wrap them, and deliver them for you to enjoy!